Residency Partnership WRSW | BRLN 2016

Foundation for Public Space Research TU and Berlin Sessions created a bilateral residency partnership for the realisation of a WRSW | BRLN project in the year 2016.  Berlin-based partner invited 3 artists working with New Media and topics of urbanism and city planning and hosted one Polish artist in Berlin. 

To read more about the project and selected artists go to the project dedicated website.

What is the idea behind the partnership?

1.RESIDENCIES (May – June 2016, August – September 2016, October – November 2016 – Warsaw and Berlin)

The project involves three artists from Berlin and four artists from Warsaw. Residencies will take place consecutively, so one resident at a time (the length of each residency stay is one – two months). Each residency stay ends with a final exhibition/project, that takes place in the XS Art center. The residency also includes workshops and meetings led by residents from Berlin and implementation of projects by artists from Warsaw.

2. EXHIBITIONS (June 2016, August – September 2016, October – November 2016)

Exhibitions are creations of both residents and Warsaw-based artists. They are developed and prepared during their stay in both cities.

3.ONLINE PUBLICATION ( December 2016)

A publication will be available online for free on the project website and it will contain materials documenting projects. Projects concern two editions of the residency program as well as ordered critical texts. Publications will be fully bilingual (Polish-English).

ORGANISERS Foundation for Public Space Research TU, XS
Project space used for cultural purposes with the help of the Capital City of Warsaw – Mokotów district
Co-funders: Capital City of Warsaw, Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and the Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery Berlin.

The implementation of the WRSW | BRLN project is possible thanks to: Burdąg Founation, Institute for Public Space Research, berlinerpool e.V., Goethe-Institut, Plusnull e.V., Kollegen 2,3 (Berlin), agitPolska e.V.



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