Berlin Sessions Residency Program was a platform conceived to offer curatorial expertise, network building and logistic support in the art sector to artists and cultural professionals who are interested in gaining an insight into Berlin’s vibrant art scene. The program closed in 2022. 


We offer three personalized programs:
Residency programStudy visitProject management

How we work

Our programs and residencies are conducted in collaboration with funding bodies such as universities, art councils, private companies or foundations who, together with our staff and selected participants, first draft aims and objectives of the program and second, take care of the successful finalization of the project. Please note Berlin Sessions does not offer direct financial support.


Berlin Sessions is an initiative that draws from the experience of Berlinerpool, a not-for-profit platform for artists, curators, art managers and spaces of Berlin supported by a physical documentation archive of its members, that is taking shape of a research center on Berlin-based art.

The team of Berlin Sessions collected knowledge in an organization of artist-in-residence programs during a former project Culturia, that has been active in the years 2005 – 2014, hosting more than 200 artists, curators, creatives from around the globe.


Berlin Sessions is growing towards to be: foremost, the best residency choice to start your artistic life, a way to experience Berlin and realize projects; next, the guide who helps you to meet and build your professional network; and finally, voice bringing talent to Berlin via promoting our activities in online publications and by live events.


Recently Berlin Sessions realized projects in collaboration and with a generous support of:


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