#Podcast – Czech Contemporary Art in Berlin

We would like to introduce you to a podcast of our partner Czech Centre Berlin, which is based on a conversation with our former residents Julia Gryboś and Barbora Zentková.

In this issue of the series Czech Contemporary Art in Berlin we would like to introduce Julia Gryboś (*1988, PL) and Barbora Zentková (*1986, SK). They are an artistic duo, working together since 2010.

They met during their studies at Ostrava Faculty of Arts and continued with their studies already as a duo at the faculty of Arts in Brno. They made themselves known to wider audiences mainly in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia, where they were awarded the Oskár Čepan Award for young artists in 2016. In 2019 they completed the Berlin Sessions Residency and a residency at ZK/U, the Center for Art and Urbanistics in Berlin. These were the impulse for them to stay in Berlin.

In their work, they examine the impact of the neoliberal chase after non-stop productivity. They are interested in the symptoms of the diseased society. One of the returning motifs in their work is the topic of tiredness and its depiction. They create site specific objects and environments, often out of old metal constructions and some textiles. These environments are often accompanied by live sound performances.

Czech Contemporary Art in Berlin is an online series by the Czech Centre Berlin about contemporary art in times of Corona. We present artists with Czech and/or Slovak roots, living in Berlin. The format is 3×3: 3 minutes about the place, where the artist works, 3 minutes about what keeps them busy right now and 3 minutes about themselves. In order for you to also see some of their work, they take over the Czech Centre’s Instagram account on the afternoon after 2 pm on the day, the podcast is published.

Listen to the Podcast, also on Spotify and Apple Podcasts


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