#Open Call for EXTER: International Art Residency Programme in partnership with Ukrainian Institute [Deadline: 11.07.2019]

EXTER: International Art Residency Programme by Ukrainian Institute
Second open call for Ukrainian artists, curators, and critics

Ukrainian Institute is happy to announce the second open call for Ukrainian artists, curators and critics to participate in art residencies as part of the international programme EXTER. The second round of the programme features short-term residency opportunities in ten institutions across Czech Republic, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, UK, and USA.

EXTER is a long-term programme of the Ukrainian Institute aimed at building sustainable partnerships with international art residencies. The programme aims to spark research, processes of exchange and facilitate cooperation of artists, curators and other actors in the sector. EXTER programme involves designing and creating opportunities for international mobility of people, ideas, experience, and practices.

The programme is based on collaboration with leading contemporary art residencies in the countries of the Ukrainian Institute’s activity. Programme partners are organisations and institutions that are well integrated in professional community, have the experience and infrastructure to meet the residents’ needs as well as an extensive network of local contacts. Striving for a balance of self-directed work and curated programming, each individual residency is jointly developed by Ukrainian Institute, partner organisation and the resident based on the latter’s professional needs, local context, and institutional framework. EXTER programme is designed to actively engage participants with the cultural scene of the cities of residency, provide opportunities for networking and public presentation of their practice to foreign audiences.

The programme is named after Oleksandra Exter (Alexandra Exter) (1882 – 1949), a Ukrainian avant-garde artist of international prominence who spent most of her life in Kyiv. Alexandra Exter revolutionised stage design and reconceptualised Ukrainian folk culture by fusing abstract art with traditional embroidery patterns and crafting practices. A refined intellectual well-versed in several European languages, she traveled extensively around the world and was friends with Picasso, Braque, Léger, Apollinaire, Soffici, and Marinetti, among others. Founder of her own school in Kyiv and Odesa, Exter was a bridge between the world of the Ukrainian avant-garde and new art of Western Europe.

In the second edition of the EXTER programme in 2019, the Ukrainian Institute is funding short-term residencies for Ukrainian artists, curators and art critics in the following partner institutions and programmes:

Residents will be jointly selected by teams of the Ukrainian Institute and the respective partner institution. Selected artists, curators and critics will be given time and space for creative work, as well as institutional support in establishing contacts with local art communities. Moreover, individual programme will be tailored for each participant based on their practice and expectations stated in the application. Production of new works or participation in exhibition projects during the residency is possible, but not obligatory.

Ukrainian Institute covers the following expenses for the programme participants:

  • travel costs from/to Ukraine,
  • accommodation,
  • per diems,
  • visa fee (if needed),
  • participation fee.

Requirements for applicants

  • Ukrainian citizenship and permanent residence in Ukraine;
  • Minimum age 18;
  • English language proficiency (B2 level or higher);
  • Applicant must be ready to communicate and present their practice publicly during the residency;
  • Relevant professional experience;
  • Relevant higher education or other professional training certificates are a plus, but not obligatory.

Please note that the above list is general, but not exhaustive. Full list of requirements and conditions of participation in a specific residency can be found in the corresponding full description below.

How to apply

To apply for the programme, please send a letter titled “EXTER 2: Application” to programmes@ui.org.ua no later than 18 July 2019, 11:59 PM, Kyiv time. The deadline for the CENTRE POMPADOUR residency is 11 July 2019, 11:59 PM, Kyiv time.

Please attach to the letter:

  • Filled-in application form (please find it here) titled ‘LastName_FirstName_application_EXTER2.’ Please note that in the form you must indicate two residencies of interest.
  • Portfolio in English presenting the applicant’s relevant practice (max. 10 pages, pdf file of up to 10 Mb titled ‘LastName_FirstName_portfolio_EXTER2’).
  • CV in English (max. 2 pages, pdf file titled ‘LastName_FirstName_CV_EXTER2’).

The announcement of winners will take place no later than 31 August 2019. All applicants will be personally notified.


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