#Workshop -Interacting with network technologies for artists – by Dana Moser [13.06]

This is an intermediate level workshop for interacting with network technologies for artists with a particular emphasis on live performance. We will look at various protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, OSC, Bluetooth, MIDI) for communication between clients, servers and sensors attached to computers. It is best if participants bring laptop computers, but some activities will be possible with just smartphones with web browsers. It will also include a performance in VR space with one of the exhibiting artists, the Glad Scientist.


Workshop 13.06.2019
from 6pm to 8pm


galerie weisser elefant
Auguststraße 21
10117 Berlin

Dana Moser is a musician, teacher, curator and film/video/installation artist. He was a pioneer in experimental telecommunications art in the early 1980’s. His work has been screened and exhibited in numerous locations in the US and Europe including Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, NYC, Paris, Venice,  Munich and London. Currently, he is a professor in the Studio for Interrelated Media at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design where he is responsible for developing programs in digital, generative and networked art forms.
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  • Sitting is limited to 15 participants. 
  • To secure your place please book a workshop via this link.
  • Make sure to bring your laptop or a mobile device.
  • The workshop is free of charge and led in English.

Part of “Futures of Our Past” exhibition.


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