This is an archive site and will not be updated. The programme was closed in 2022.

Plan a residency program in Berlin or a research project for your organization. We provide professional support, studio space, accommodation and network in Berlin. We seek to support young and emerging professionals always in cooperations with funding institution.

Please note that as residency providers we do not conduct projects where an artist, curator or researcher has to carry the cost of the program. It is why we offer the platform exclusively to bodies who are ready to finance individual projects partnering-up long- or short-term with Berlin Sessions Residency.

What can we do

Preparing program in advance

Prior to commencing the residency, both the sponsoring organization and Berlin Sessions outline the project framework. After selecting participants, Berlin Sessions outlines a program schedule. All three parties are invested in the success of the project and have equal evaluation measures. Suggested residency length is 3 to 4 weeks.


The residency modules can be mixed and matched according to your needs and budget. To give you some examples:
– curatorial feedback
– studio visits
– matching and partnering
– visiting field specific events

Spaces & Productions

Berlin Sessions can provide an accommodation and working spaces for the purposes of realization of a residency project. Upon agreement, we can support a production of exhibition projects, presentations, panel discussions, and performances.


Together with art organizations, universities and supporting bodies who see the value in offering a residency to their members or students, in order to promote international experience for exceptional talents. We are geared to realize successful projects with artists, curators, art managers, art historians, designers, writers, and theoretician. 


How we select projects


Together with funding institution and with our internal jury we put attention on artistic quality, impact, secured budget and feasibility of the project.




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