Natalia Jerzak

Country Poland

Funding organization
Cultural Zone Wrocław (Strefa Kultury Wrocław) in the framework of AIR Wro



Inclusion, Skills Exchange and Creativity
Makers from Miserart visiting Berlin
Design, food and social entrepreneurship

Natalia “Yerzak” Jerzak – a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław in the field of graphics. She is a scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for her master’s thesis ‘Contemporary printing on fabric in Poland’. Pattern-designer, illustrator and screen printer. She draws, designs and prints to dress people in her patterns.

Artist Natalia Jerzak designer wieje
Photo: Dagmara Wolna

She is an initiator of the ‘SitoOgrodnicy’ / ‘ScreenPrint Gardeners’ project in MiserArt, which is a screen printing workshop created together with people who have a homelessness episode in their biography. September 2017 the collection of her fabrics entitled ‘Polish summer’, printed with Sito Ogrodnicy, was presented at the Polish Pavilion at the London Design Fair. Following Wanda Telakowska, her goal is to create socially engaged art. Under the nickname ‘zwJerzak’, she creates illustrations for, among others, the ‘Szosa’ cycling magazine. Yes, she is a sport enthusiast.

Video: Szary Szum

Artist Natalia Jerzak sitoorgodnicy Air Wro
Photo: Jerzy Wypych

During her residency in Berlin Natalia will visit numerous places that work in line with socially engaged art. Wood and furniture DIY workshops, design, screen printing, and city fashion initiatives. She will concentrate on the activities that give a chance to excluded groups to discover new skills, produce in a communal and inclusive way beautiful and useful objects. The aim of the residency is twofold. Natalia’s’ project ‘Sito Ogrodnicy / Screenprint Gardeners’ is off the ground and received recognition in Wrocław and internationally. To support the sustainable development of the activities she will visit companies who put first the social entrepreneurship values and are willing to share the know how. That includes long-term planning, business modeling, and promotion. Secondly, working in the city which is just 350 KM away from Berlin gives a great opportunity to create a network and exchange, not only information but people who can visit each other workshops, build a bigger community and reach out to broader audiences with socially engaged art.

Summertime sadnes Artist Natalia Jerzak Air WRO
Summertime sadness (Photos: Dagmara Wolna)
Juicy May Artist Natalia Jerzak Air WRO
Juicy May
Luscious July Artist Natalia Jerzak Air WRO
Luscious July
Psychedelic June Artist Natalia Jerzak Air WRO
Psychedelic June

Publications on Issue

Polish Summer Textiles by Yerzak Design
‘Polish Summer’ Textiles
Wspolczesny druk na tkaninie w Polsce by Yerzak Design
Contemporary printing on fabric in Poland
Banana Mamas Lookbook by Yerzak Design
Banana Mama’s Lookbook

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