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Paweł Szroniak is a curator and literature theorist. Since 2013 he organises a series of concerts “Rozkurz”, which is dedicated to the experimental music. Among his main interests and researches there are: history of avant-garde movements, small music, conceptual tendencies in contemporary art and unconventional examples of music notation, especially text scores.

Szroniak has been collaborating with numerous cultural institutions and festivals, including Museum of Art in Łódź, Wrocław Contemporary Museum, BWA Wrocław – Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sanatorium of Sound Festival (Sokołowsko), Festival of Theatrical Music (Jelenia Góra), Mikrofestiwal – Festival of New Poetry (Wrocław). In 2016 he was a managing editor of the #29 issue of Glissando magazine. Lives and works in Wrocław.

Rogelio Sosa & Mike Majkowski
rozkurz concert series
(Photo. Kazimierz Ździebło)

Paweł Szroniak & Manfred Werder
rozkurz concert series
(Photo.  Marcin Polak)

Oceans roar 1000 drums
rozkurz concert series
(Photo. Kazimierz Ździebło)
Paweł Szroniak
(Photo. Dominika Uczkiewicz)



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