Norbert Delman


Funding organisation
Capital City of Warsaw, Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and the Governing Mayor of Berlin




Norbert Delman was born 1989 in Warsaw where he lives and works. Graduated Academy of Fine Art Warsaw in Mirosław Bałka studio 2011-2014 , studied Fine Arts in University College Falmouth 2010 (United Kingdom), graduated with honors from art High School.

Norbert Delman works with several medias (video, sculpture, found objects, installations, performance). However, this indecisiveness is apparent, because the overriding value of his work is an attempt to illustrate the anxieties and tensions, which he experiences.

Norbert Delman’s works have been presented at the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw (2014),at  MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts in Debrecen (2011), at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (2014), and at the Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow (2013).

He received a scholarship for residency ESW/RSA Residency for a Polish Artist Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (ESW), Edinburgh, UK (2014) and Residence program InterModem in Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts in Debrecin, Hungary (2011). Scholar of the Minister of Culture in 2016.

The project wrsw-brln-residency-2016 involves the creation of a performative cyber-walking/running-sightseeing. Through displayed website (written especially for the project), takes the viewer on Warsaw city-tour. The website consists of games, videos and gifs and kilometers of recordings of the city.

It creates a virtual composition with Warsaw as a theme. A crucial element of this composition is the dynamic form of showing the city through the prism of a personal point of view. Artist walks/runs on the treadmill like on a huge scroll.

Depending on the speed of the runner, the presentation gets a different pace. Artist walks, runs or stops to catch the breath, influencing the very experience of sightseeing. Moreover, he emphasizes dependence between carnality and virtual world. In the same time, the artist becomes a guide subordinated to the city, that demands in some parts more, and in other – less effort.

This personal city-tour is about 40 minutes long. The guide is a native of Warsaw, who refers to the time of his childhood and adolescence when he was a boy from the block growing up in the landscape of a post-communist country.

Click to see a documentation of the exhibition.

WRSW | BRLN 2016 (Warsaw | Berlin 2016) is a program of three artistic residencies for artists from Berlin in Warsaw, and a Polish artist’s residency in Berlin, developed in cooperation with partner institution – a non-profit organization: berlinerpool. Indeed, the program developed in Warsaw involves also Polish artists, gaining the opportunity to cooperate or realize a joint exhibition or project with German artists.

In partnership with: Burdąg Founation, Institute for Public Space Research, berlinerpool e.V., Goethe-Institut, Plusnull e.V., Kollegen 2,3 (Berlin), agitPolska e.V.


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