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Marketa Magidova explores the field of human relations mostly in the perspective of balancing the power. Her main focus lies in topics of inequality, abnormality, dominancy and inferiority; processes resulting from the omnipresent need of work efficiency, objectivity and stability. Her works absorb themes such as stress, tiredness, segregation, unequal work opportunities, different ways of escaping the system or the work hours, human behaviour in unexpected and demanding situations.

Also, Marketa Magidova likes to reflect the objective system of facts and knowledge (including natural sciences), usually switching its rules with something illogical, irrational and subjective. In addition, her artistic strategy can be seen as metaphors of mind, social or natural processes, creating situation in time or re-contextualization.

Her early works were allured by the language structures and different ways of narrating and story-telling. Currently, she often cooperates with actors or dancers and combine that kind of shooting with a documentary footage.
Usually, she builds an illusion of movement in her gallery installations.
Lastly, she mainly works with media such as photography, video, installation, performance and text.


Tertium Non Datur
Installation, 2016
FAIT Gallery – Brno

marketa magidova

Tertium Non Datur
Installation, 2016
FAIT Gallery – Brno


Home Vocabulary
Installation, 2013
Gallery Kabinet, TIC, Brno CZ




Video, 2017


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