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Kama Sokolnicka’s is a Polish Artist. She was born in Wroclaw and now she works and live in both Berlin and Wroclaw.
Her artistic practice is based in montage as an conceptual process. It stands in for the movement of thought, and for the ambivalence written into the cloying of, and deficiency in relationships, life, and politics.

Montage also allows her to focus on complex constructions of the contemporary subject in relation to various surrounding factors. In this sense she finds a nexus between art and different fields of study such as sleep science, communication, botany, astronomy and many others, discovering a poetic power where these observational disciplines overlap
Her art works vary in form from collage, object, un-orthodox interventions, to concrete sculpture.

Kama Sokolnicka is hosted by Berlin Sessions in order to conduct her research for an upcoming show in Künstlerhaus Bethanien.

kama sokolnicka


Krzewienie kultury
solo show
BWA Tarnów, Park Strzelecki
solo show
BWA Zielona Góra

kama sokolnicka


kama sokolnicka


solo show
Polnisches Institut Düsseldorf

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