Katariina Angeria

Performing artist Katariina Angeria (Master in critical media education) is a dancer, producer and organizer of cultural activities and artistic projects. Before visiting an artist in residence program in Berlin she has been teaching and performing in Finland, but also in Sweden, Norway, USA and Brazil.

Katariina Angeria

She usually works in unconventional spaces outside mainstream structures and in marginalized communities in Northern Scandinavia. It is important to create alternative networks and new spaces for art in the North. In fact, in those areas population’s density is low and it’s rare to find art institutions.

Her teaching and facilitating experiences range widely, from performing arts to creative dance, expression, psychology and coping with life – through a variety of institutions, projects and networks.

Becoming inspired and inspiring people to get involved in arts is at the core of Katariina’s practice. She activated art associations and people to realize site-specific art happenings and cultural events for more than 15 years.

She lives in the village of Muodoslompolo with 60 inhabitants and works along the border of Finland and Sweden. Her aim is to reinforce the old connections and to create new border crossing activities and relations among people.

Katariina Angeria has been nationally recognized as a solo performer. Nevertheless, she is also as an innovator of community and environmental art projects.

She produced and danced in a cross-artistic and site-specific project Jokinainen 2006-2010 (the River Woman), which took down along the River Tornio a team of 24 artists for 320 kilometers in three weeks on 20000 plastic bottles.

Katariina Angeria

In The Iso Siika 2013 (Big Whitefish) a 15-meter long plastic fish rose against the currency of the River Tornio for 70 kilometers in one week by human forces. The Whitefish was an ecological act to help save and draw attention to the threatening conditions of the natural whitefish in the river Tornio.

As to her pedagogical approaches, she has emphasized the importance of reaching children and young people with art. Runo eläväksi 2006-2009 (Living poetry) was a large performance project taken to schools in co-operation with libraries. Since 2007 she has been facilitating performing arts and organizing meeting points for youth in the Northern regions.

At the moment Hiljaisia juurtumisia (Silent rootings) – a performance and working process collaboration with sound-designer Katri Puranen, is reaching out to study the human connections with the forest.

Through improvised movement and singing old Finnish folk poetry the rooting is creating spaces for slowing down, listening and opening up.

It aims to find new viewpoints, ways and rhythms of existing, working and understanding. Furthermore, Hiljaisia juurtumisia / Silent rootings is an eco-political artwork which takes place in the areas of tourism, social and healthcare, as well as in forestry.

Katariina Angeria

Katariina Angeria´s work is many-sided. She often approaches impossible paradoxes and searches meeting points for art and every day.  Hence, she emphasizes nature, youth, presence, improvisation, and themes such as equality, dialogue and social change.


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