Dragan Strunjaš






Dragan Strunjaš is an architect living and working in Belgrade. During his residency in Berlin, he will develop a project titled Instarchitect#Berlin. It will follow Instarchitect#Belgrade which is a digital installation of photographs that in a performative way showcase his research on architecture and art in a context of modern society.

Dragan decided to select a social media platform as an exhibition medium in reaction to the “Instagram perceptions” of the city. Photographs are speaking about the city, cultural heritage, architecture and the architect. They are showing clear relations between people and architecture, the city and citizens, the city as a changing being.

He was born in Belgrade 1982 and holds a diploma from an Architecture Faculty at Belgrade University. During his studies, he visited courses of History and Theory of Architecture and Art. Since he has exhibited in galleries around Europe and took part in numerous architecture, urban and performance festivals.

Dragan actively develops platforms and presentation possibilities of projects connected to architecture and urban issues. He is:

Co-founder at Online Performance Art FESTIVAL (since 2016)
Co-founder at Onlineum (since 2017)
Writer and editor at Architecturez.net (since 2014)
Project manager at Beo_Project (since 2015)
Team member and architecture guide at Beo_Project Tours (since 2013)


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