#Concert – Burkhard Beins + Marta Zapparoli

The event in Wrocław is an attempt to confront those experiences with the local reality by showing how music can perform social functions, at the same time preserving its experimental character. It is crucial to present artistic practices on the border of experimental music, free improvisation and sound art to prove that precise differences between these genres are merely institutional and that it is possible to effectively overcome them through the exchange of experiences by broad circles of artists of various status and diverse areas of interests. Berlin music scene presents a good example since for years it has been defined by its certain multi-environmental character, which helps it avoid ossification of artistic forms or getting stuck in top-down established categories.

The performers are Burkhard Beins and Marta Zapparoli, two prominent artists of a well-established position in the music circles. Although since 2010 they both have been members of the group Splitter Orchester (an orchestra of 24 members performing improvised music), the performance at Proza will be their first concert as a duo.

This event is organized as a follow-up to the residency of Paweł Szroniak in Berlin Sessions Residency, where he was mapping the local structures related to the experimental music in Berlin.

16.03.2018 (Thursday), 9 PM

Klub Proza, Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław / admission free

Read more: https://strefakultury.pl/en/news/burkhard-beins-and-marta-zapparoli-in-wroclaw/?v=air-wro


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