Get to know Berlin art scene. According to your requests and needs, we arrange a personalized full-immersion in the environment to find the right contacts and build your network during a short study visit.

Once decided on a specific topic, and preparing to visit Berlin, comes the problem of time-allocation and garnering  genuine interest in the project from the people you meet. We are seasoned professionals of many such campaigns, and we can count on more than 8 years of experience.

What can we do


It is important to lay the groundwork before coming. We will draft plans and secure time slots of conversation partners during your short study/working trip in Berlin. Just give us a topic.


For the  1-to-3 day study visit, we will guide you through the city visiting three to five places per day. Itinerary agreed in advance.

Studio visits

Subject to availability, in response to a specific request to meet an artist based in Berlin, we will set up studio visits together with a short introduction by the artist.


Start a connection and meet your future peers to get to know your way around. Identify useful sources of information and the key people for you on the scene.

Partner search

Working on behalf of a university, foundation, project space or as an independent curator you may find that you need to partner-up with an organisation based in Berlin. We can help. Just describe your requirements to us and we will point you in the right direction.



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