Realize a project, exhibition or conference in Berlin. We offer support in concept development and project management for your creative work. We will support you with the expertise of local partners, service providers, action spaces and media channels.

We perceive relationship with partners as a conversation in which we can discover together the major points, set up a strategy and sift through all the information, in order to focus and secure the main goal.

What can we do

Field research

As networkers, producers, art lovers and exhibition goers we have a first-hand insight into the Berlin art scene. That means we can offer a comprehensive summary of main players, set contact lists, organise statistic data, deliver reviews of current or upcoming projects, on your choice of topic  (e.g. art networks, galleries, project spaces, research institutes, universities, interdisciplinary clusters, conferences, fairs).

Matching and meditation

It can be difficult to find a reliable partner who is committed to the idea of the project and who can offer the resources needed for its realisation. We can help with adjusting  proposals to meet the demands of the prospective partner, along with introductions to institutional representatives.

Concept development

As a group of passionate, dedicated professionals with a proven record in the creation of a range of formats, we can support you with the development of exhibition concepts, discussion and panel series, residencies, workshops, events and presentations.

Project management

Experienced in A-Z project execution we know how to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Here the expertise of local partners, service providers, action spaces and media channels comes handy.



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