Sanna Korteniemi

Sanna Korteniemi is Lapland-based artist, living and working in Rovaniemi. Sanna in their practice uses sculpture and drawing.

During their artistic process, they puts a strong attention on writing and notation practice as a tool to reflect and discuss questions that arise during their research. Some of the texts are made public and accessible to audiences via a website. They holds a master degree of fine arts from the University of Arts Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts. Korteniemi’s works were exhibited in Finland, Estonia and Norway.

During Berlin Sessions Residency Korteniemi conducts research on their project titled Prosessi / Der Prozess. The starting points are historical pieces of evidence of a Finnish internment camp in Suursaari Island from Second World War time. The internment camp was established for prisoners (Jewish and other refugees) whose main task was to produce a barbed wire. The prisoners in their ingenuity constructed a tool which made the work lighter and automated. Once the Finnish guards noticed the change they forbode a use of the invented tool. The name of the project refers to the process of making a barbed wire, but also to the process of a violence caused by bureaucracy and following the rules.

1 Mount Domen Sanna Korteniemi

The mist bow on the Mount Domen from the series The Last Ones
2018. Ink on paper by Google Maps. 

  2. Mist bow on Domen Sanna Kortaniemi

The mist bow on the Mount Domen from the series The Last Ones
2018. Ink on paper. In a private collection.

3. Immigration Monument_Sanna Kortaniemi

Immigration Monument from the series Double lighting
2017. Pen and colored pencil on folded paper.

4. Naarmankaira installation (© Titus Verhe 2017) Sanna Kortaniemi

Naarmankaira -installation (fragment)
2017. Wood, colored shellack, 200 parts (á 20 cm high)
Photo: Titus Verhe 2017



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