Maija Rudovska

Riga, Latvia




Maija Rudovska’s practice is shaped by independent curation, research, art criticism and writing. The focus of her work has been inter-mediation and stimulation of relationships between different spaces, contexts and institutions. Finding a voice from/in the marginalized spaces that in her practice often rooted from the post-Soviet context, she pays particular attention to the in-between space seeking alternative ways of learning and sharing knowledge in the art realm today.

The Primal Shelter is the Site for Primal Fears (2016). Exhibition view. Photo: Vigfús Birgisson, courtesy The Living Art Museum

For the last 6 years Rudovska together with Juste Kostikovaite have been running the network platform Blind Carbon Copy that focuses on network building models, alternative education and work strategies between curators, artists and other practitioners. One of the priorities has been the learning, looking for the ways to teach each other as a sort of curatorial strategy. Engaging by creating a lively networking system and structures of self-organization (refusing to being attached to a certain power structure), the platform serves as a place from where to act and to find a voice.

Image of Blind Carbon Copy website, design by Nerijus Rimkus

Rudovska have worked extensively in the Baltic-Nordic region, as well as internationally. Close collaborations include: Contemporary Art Centre (LV), Moderna Museet (SE), Rupert (LT), Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius (LT), The Living Art Museum (IS), HIAP (FI), among many others.

Society Acts – Version 2. After Moderna Exhibition 2014 (2015). Exhibition view. Photo: Ansis Starks, courtesy kim? Contemporary Art Centre

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