Elise Beaucousin


Funding organization
La Mire




Elise Beaucousin devoted herself to pencil drawing on paper and working with black velvet. Her graphic research began with drawings on musical paper. Her attention was caught by the way the music counterpoint was recorded as a vertical and horizontal link. Her gesture followed the horizontal movement of the recording to reveal the image through overlapping lines .

elise beaucousin Série végétale 1-Graphite on paper - 2018









“Série végétale 1”
Graphite on paper – 2018

Landscape is her inspiration. Elise’s composition includes anatomical engravings, geographical maps, architectural records and plant elements that are interwoven to reveal similarity in structure. Admiring the piano literature, the variety of sound variations had resonance in the way she approached her drawings. Which in turn prompted her to reflect on music and study descriptive geometry and mathematics.









“Fleur de velours”
velvet – 2019

elise beaucousin Fleur de velours, 2019, velvet

In my drawings on paper, shades of gray and their vibrations abolish traditional landmarks between infinitely large and infinitely small and lead to the effect of immersion. Steel pins capture light with their stems, turning frozen patterns into a vibrating field.

elise beaucousin Feuilles de velours 2019 velvet









“Feuilles de velours”
velvet – 2019

The velvet fabric is sewn to create a fold that catches the light, revealing the line. The artist looks for forms in tension between the accuracy of the imagined line and its velvety elasticity. Her drawing develops, inviting the viewer to contemplate the surface, collect them by appearance, and immerse themselves in the elusive landscape. Mental surface.









“Exhibition view”
velvet and drawing on paper – 2019

elise beaucousin View of exhibition, 2019, velvet and drawing on paper


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